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The Heart and Practice of Child centered play therapy and Advanced Play therapy Practices helping children heal and grow


This Workshop Is For Anyone Working With Children and Families including mental health professionals. It offers The Opportunity To Learn About Non Directive Child Centered Play Therapy Principles & Practices In A Safe And Supportive Environment, Many Of The skills Can Be Very Successfully Integrated Into Other Counselling Approaches, Work Roles And Settings With Children.

10-day training includes:

workshop1 includes:

  • An introduction into the wonderful world of CCPT and its theoretical framework and evidence base;
  • Foundation of play and the importance of play in the child's world;
  • Principles and practice of CCPT including the 8 basic principles, therapeutic dimensions of the play therapy relationship, key healing messages and toys/equipment and space required;
  • Practical considerations; 
  • Indications and contraindications for the use of CCPT;
  • Core therapeutic skills development, reflective and empathic responding and therapeutic limit setting;
  • Recognising and understanding the therapy process and evaluating the child's internal progress, identifying therapeutic stages and themes of play; 

18hours of online learning plus a 4-days workshop

4-day workshop:


  • Deepening into the heart of Child Centered Play Therapy;
  • How play heals, neurobiology and attachment through a trauma lenses;
  • The fascinating field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology;
  • Advanced Play Therapy skills development and sensitivity training;
  • Working with nonverbal children, very young children and children in regressed states;
  • Working with children in different stages in the Play Therapy process, identifying themes and stages within the childs play;
  • Intake interview, case conceptualisation and treatment planning;
  • What do I need to know about myself when working with children;
  • Parents as part of the process;
  • How Play Therapy practices can enhance your professional practice;
  • The uniqueness of Play Therapy in helping children heal and grow.

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